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One-handed swords can be equipped with a shield or dual-wielded with another sword in the sub-weapon slot. Because whoever stats your armor just wants to screw with you. Taking a point in finalle just to use it as a combo closer, that's what. And when I say fight, I mean grind your fingers to the bone, and beg the unholy gods for strength! So when those godly tier four Dual Wield Skills come out, you're going to make finalle look like a firecracker, CrossFire look like a spitwad, and Meteor look like a can of Not-Whoopass because you'll be a God. Otherwise, a gespenst II is all you need. Dont sit around the house watching Patrick Swazey get his groove on, hoping you'll be half the man he is. Besides, what's better than finalle? Do what you got to do to get him to give you +S. After all the respecs, and every trial and error, I've come to the conclusion that Dual Sword (Especially with Finalle and CrossFire) will always fight for the top. Because you, unlike them, did not take the time to farm 10,000 Crystal's to give to that greedy little -- I mean wonderful, and conveniently located woman named Lefina. This skill reduces the drop in Accuracy Rate to -25% at skill lv 10. Twin Slash: 5-10* Phantom Slash: 10 Cross Parry: 5-10* Charging Slash: 5-10* Shadowstep: 10 Dual Mastery: 10 Dual Sword Control: 10 Godspeed: 10 Reflex/Flashblast: OPTIONAL. Also im digging some sort of info bout what xtal stats are priority, most people use lynx but isnt 3% stab is so small, why not just use tuscog? IT GETS HARDER! Use. 100mp wasn't worth the extra 5 skill points.,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Once she slaps this ring on you, there's no going back. Is always good suck. Air to breathe, Blood to Spill, and your three swords to get the job done. Good. Hi, Everyone~ Welcome back to My NEW Channel & NEW Video ♥ It's Me again ! (Totally not) Well this isnt! sofya. But guess what?! LO7O7, Oct 25, 2020. I know you think you've got a glorious beard, and luscious manes. And remember friends... Less Suck. Rizer phoenix, Oct 17, 2020. Jumping and dodging combo. WELL TO BAD! Phantom Slash and Flash Blast. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. And less suck is good suck. Having a STR Score of 255! Even if that 1H is in the sub-weapon slot, it'll contribute nothing. Start your attack out of range if you know they're about to use an AOE attack that's about to drop you like SAO did after the second episode. Physical/Magical Dmg reduction is as follows. Swords are one of the eight weapon types of Toram. (Credit Arewzo), Or this combo, which beats your enemy into submission faster than you when you grabbed Plan B for the first time. So put every point you have left into AGI!! "But Keiran, you said every skill, every time. Go with Ornlarf, (Upgrade Boss Roga, Iconos), obviously. Because you obviously have the exact same kind of common sense as they do! My strikes make a beards grow. Ease drop of Accuracy Rate and Critical Rate as this skill levels up. References: 1H Fu DPS by Sowc 1H Fu DPS by Sowc (Another) Yeah, this is where they come from. Excellent Speed and Maneuverability. Def in toram is suck anyway. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Confirmed Issues (2/23/2017) ... We will announce on our official website when the issues are fixed.-If Blade Skill: "Rampage" was set in Combo before the maintenance on February 23rd, the skills in the combo will be removed. You know why we have it at level 1? Maximum Effort. Q: What skill should I use to start this combo? Frankly, this build is the dual sword equivalent to a breaker mage. Because only Ifrid can give us enough sweet satisfaction to have a bigger green weenie. Period. Good for you my little minotaur farmer. 2017-02-23 Toram Online - Berita. Finale cost 1600MP->3200MP now. Remember those ubsurdly raging biceps I was talking about earlier? (You wont.) ), (Note: If you plan on using this combo, I recommend lvl 10 Twin Slashes, and lvl 10 Quick Aura.). If you suck at dodging, then go hurl pointy sticks at the boss. A: Smite at the end of combo will cost double MP. Good for you. Toram Online Login. For Flash Blast. But there's not enough skill poi---". Cause your crit sucks, and this will make your suck crit suck less. Dual Sword Simplified 101: Basic Stats, Skills, Mechanics, and Playstyles [DC'd] ... Oct 30, 2020. That said, you'll want to put 50 points into Dex, because without it you'll be grazing more often than Bambi's father (Cause we all know what he was doing that entire time); and 45 (44 at 170) into crit to ensure that no matter how badly you suck at sucking, you'll never suck at critting. The best main sword for us is proto clarity rose, and you may only get it on anniversary event from felien. Dual Sword Skill Tree Lv4 is OUT!! 2017-02-27. toram online (dual sword skill) Dual Sword Skills. Cross Parry Skill level 1 0 diskusi . Now if the sugar daddy you found in Sofya's Underground, (They're in Sofya's Underground), likes a you enough. I'm going to set up the next section a little differently. "But wait Keiran, dont you need those last two skills at level 10 to incre---". Refine: If you can't afford +S the moment you're reading this then dont bother and go for +B. Komibii May 29, 2018. xtal help... Someoneelse, May ... Toram Online Forums. "Woah, Keirann. You want aggro? Dual Wield Skills. This build isnt going to pull you damage to out damage a damage dealer of another damage class that knows how to damage. ... Dual Sword Mastery Lv 1 Dual Sword Skill Dual Swords You can equip 2 One-Handed Swords. Screw Shadowstep! Bro Code Rule #555: A bro always hits it five times for his bros.), If you're enemy is gonna try and chest bump you all day, then use this Combo. Why? 1H Sword - Knuckle Role : DPS Stat : Fill STR to 255 and fill VIT/DEX/AGI/CRIT Gear : Focus on STR/ATK/CRIT or EVA Main Skill : Sword/Knuckle/Battle/Survival Optional Skill : Priest/Guard Mainly used for DPS melee role, quite versatile in skill combination. Also Need info bout AAC, some sort of demo on how to do it. I WANT YOU FASTER THAN THE SERVICE AT WALMART ON BLACK FRIDAY!! I want you hitting those combos faster than trying to impress a girl at whack a mole. > This skill be slightly different with the upcoming release of the new guard and evasion system. Because this is maximum effort, and we do things the hard way. Discussion in 'Dual Wield' started by Hiame, Feb 10, 2020. Auto Attack. She wants big biceps, you give her big biceps. 2020-04-21. Home; ... Combo Tengah: ya . Same goes for HPUP 10. - If a 1H is using a stability xtal, i.e Marchitar, that stability is only applied to the main-hand. Click here to read the rules before posting. My strikes will melt the skin off a skeleton and make a dragon purr. It's why I saved as much skill points as possible, getting as much out of as little as possible. 2017-02-23. The part of the build you wanted to see. Many thanks to TheXIIIthGuy, Mayam, Ainred, and all other friends who helped with various detailed info. This build is one of the fastest spellcasters in the game with mid range dps. And if you're dead, then you won't be giving any maximum effort! If you want a story, go home, run to your mom, have her tuck you into bed, and she'll read you the story if how Shadowstep is only good at level 1; and why everyone else you takes it higher than that, can take it right up the --!! Two-handed swords restrict usage of the sub-weapon slot, meaning they will refrain from being able to equip anything in that slot if a two-handed sword is equipped. (Credit Yuki. And if that wasn't obvious, go to the character switch screen, delete your character, and create a mage. Repeat From Combo 1 if you lost rampage like I lose my drive to quit smoking every time I wake up. 5 in MPUP. AND LESS SUCK IS GOOD SUCK. Negative MATK: Why? These are the big boy panty leagues! Alright, with that all out of the way, let's talk skills. > It comes with a few negatives (-Accuracy Rate and … If you dont know what plan B is, this combo isnt for you. Max MP is 2000 < 3200 so the combo will stop there without consuming MP anymore. Negative Accuracy: Why? Confirmed Issues (2/27/2017) ... "Rampage" was set in Combo before the maintenance on February 27rd, the skills in the combo will be removed. There are two types of swords: One-handed and two-handed swords. A system that you systematically systemize for ultimate systematical systemism. You're gonna make a finalle with you in the party, look like a super nova. ;_; does this mean we cant abuse manual evasion to flashblast for 0mp? Blade passive on dual wield (noob question) Ash_Zirc, May 29, 2018. Combo 2 or Combo 3. You can't honestly make me believe you dont need any points in Intimidating Strike?". Best sub sword is Jupiter sword ii, if you managed to get it before last white day event. the_swanky_shinigami, May 25, 2018. Repeat From Combo 1 if you lost rampage like I lose my drive to quit smoking every time I … Replies: 8 ... Aprido Sandyasa Jun 1, 2018. looking for a good combo for dw. Auto Attack x 1. Replies: 8 Views: 271. Nothing! This skill parries a target's attack and pushes it away, with a chance to … Got it? A fast, high damage dealing Combo for only 100mp. ... -25% from 100 Def is just 25 Def. Auto Attack. Now, until tier 4 skills come up, you'll be hard pressed to push the damage into first place. A: First, it can't do physical damage , magic damage is even better for rotate. ... - Invincible mode is not applied when Dual Sword Skill: "Phantom Slash" misses. Finish 1 or Finish 2. Why no tier four blade skills? Home Lore Guide Skill EX Skill Item Monster Creator's Blog Blade Skill Tree: 1. First things first, lets get those rocket pockets and mammary calamities out of the way. You know what's better than having biceps so huge that you can't wear anything with sleeves? Yeah, elemental damage and stability. Chance to inflict [Tumble] on the target. So if you think I'm gonna let you spend 5 skill points for a measly 5% dmg SOMETIMES, and another 5 skill points for 100mp; and both those skills are from a branch literally designed to hurl pointed sticks from a string! Get on your knees and beg your statter for an awakening buff. Please update this one since its more completethan the other guide. You know the drill. You can get it if you want. Critical rate increases on Slowed targets. Let's talk equipment. He didnt explain why knuck arrow is horrible combo. That's called the green weenie. You're a Methodical Tactition of Death and Destruction, and you only need 1 level. Informasi skill Skill Pedang Ganda (Dual Sword Skills) toram online full skill list. Confirmed Issues. "Brutally hit the target with the weapon. Remember how I said that charge star gem was lame?!? If you're slow, you're dead! Description. Credits. But in all seriousness, get this star gem if you can. (If you think you need more crit), go Proto Leon. Now, I know you think what you're already packing downstairs is enough. So if you think you can 'out mane' The Leon. Why do you want 7 points in Impact? Auto Attack. Combo 2 or Combo 3. 2017-02-27 Toram Online - Berita. Also additionals are mostly 10% stab, does it really gve tons of benefit compared to additionals with atk and srd? Shoot the target with stronger power. (Standing in the blue does NOT give you a buff), (Why? [Dual Sword Mastery] Allows a One-Handed Sword user to equip a One-Handed Sword on their sub-weapon slot, making them a Dual Swords; the sub-weapon slot sword has all its stats negated, except for its element. (Venema Hard, with Finale, CrossFire, and 2H Tank.). ). Auto Attack. Good. XTAL: Go with Gwaimol, (Upgrade Black Knight of Delusion), because unless you suck at dodging, Gwaimol is the ass to your badass. Toram Online is ©Asobimo, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Because at the end of the day, the less time we have to spend near mages the better. Dex vs agi vs str. XTAL: Why? You dont want aggro? End of story. Because there's a set system. Remember, its only elemental if it isnt parental. Secondly, AND ONLY SECONDLY, (Two slot armor), if you're a real slave -- I mean badass, then go with Ifrid. Why 5 and not 10? Coryn Club - Toram Online Database is ©Cruithne. Listen here you useless pile of Pelulu, there's only three things you NEED in life. DEF -(100 - Skill Level)%; MDEF -(100 - Skill Level)%, Do u know exactly the formula is applied for dual sword skill. Baca juga: Cara farming Spina Toram Online COMBO : • 4CP 1MP (MAIN COMBO/SUSTAINED DAMAGE) : Astute > Spinning Slash(cons) > Shadowstep(cons) (Combo by Lynxia) Spinning Slash > Shadowstep(save) > Trigger Slash(swift) (Combo by Scye) • 6CP 4MP (SUB COMBO/BURST DAMAGE) : Impact > Phantom Slash(smite) > Shadowstep(save) > Trigger Slash(swift) • 4CP 2MP (BUFF ACTIVE) : *The skill "Mirage Evasion" is designed to usable. Get out there, sell your soul (and or body) at Sofya, and earn that skill the honest way. Shadowstep. Why settle for some mediocre ONE BLADE skills, when you can wait, and have a super amazing, and glorious TWO BLADE skills?!? Thanks, I wanna know refine effects on sub-hand 1H. does trigger slash give double ampr for DS? Moving on! I'm just making this cause there hasn't really been updated info for Dual Wield that was in-depth like. These skills can only be used for the sword class (except for War Cry and Beserk) Hard Hit (MP Cost: 100) - 1h/2h only. Hard Hit: 5-10* Astute: 10 Trigger Slash: 10 Sword Mastery: 5-10* Survival Skills. For AMPR. Your tank is gonna work their flimsy little shields off. Mellow Mellow! MyLastDreams Oct 25, 2020. Chance to inflict [Flinch] on the target. 3) Astute > Shinning Cross (Save) > Shadow Step (Consec) > Phantom Slash (Smite) > Twin Slash (Swift) 4) Cross Parry > Phantom Slash (Save) > Shining Cross (Consec) A save yourself and restore MP Combo. Crit: Why? The charge time reduces as the skill levels up. 2018-12-13 Toram Online - News. It is simply a build point. Which means only one thing: Every Skill, Every Combo, Every time. It has a much better HIT but has a Wall range no better than a staff mage. Credits. Coryn Club - Toram Online Database is ©Cruithne. You DONT. Got it? (Credit Arewzo), Now you can either use this 4mp combo that packs more punches than a bar full of rednecks at the county fair. And if you're dead, you're dead! Formula used on this calculator is based on the explanation at [Toram Wiki's Status page] and my personal findings. Why? But if you want to walk right up to an enemy, look them dead in the eye, and then plunge your two blades into said eyes, AS YOU PUMMLE THEM INTO NON EXISTENCE!!! If you want to sit back, and shoot sharp sticks at a dragon; or create a gust of wind that couldn't blow away Leon's legendary mane of glorious hair then be my guest! Alright. If you got the gold, get this. Replies: 12 Views: 303. That all being said, this build is a combination of every great build for DW. Am I right? The Build we build to build the tier four build when we build it later. Meningkatkan Critical Damage dari biasanya. MDef +20, +120 hit, +220 aspd, +620 cspd, +100 flee. But only Proto Leon has a luscious mane, and he should be only one who does. Moving on! you think those pointy tennis balls glued to your chest are gonna get you far in life. TORAM ONLINE LEXICON. ...guys? Combo 2 or Auto Attack. Dual sword is difficult and expensive AF to deal decent dmg. ", "Uh Keirann, I have the star gem for charge.". (Difficulty) 4/5. Then 'this' is what you do. He didnt say 1hd sword arrow is horrible too. Because by the time you do save up for +S, the next patch will come through and you'll be stuck with +17 +S instead of +18 +S. Put all of those juicy points into STR. I know it's a lot, but bear with me. Combo 2 or Combo 3. Edit: To show that it is possible to out damage the damage of other damage dealers who screw up their damage. I'm new here, but I've been playing Toram for a while. 3/5, And requires a user, to become a super saiyan 15 in less than a day while simultaneously round house kicking the moon into the burning sun! You magnificent bastard. ... - Close ranged attack power up effect of “Storm Reaper” is demonstrated in attacks performed during Evasion of dual sword skill “Flash Blast” instead. … I wanna know if using arrow as sub will increase my chance at inflicting status ailment from bow skills. Next up, speed. You see that 1 little green bar at the top? Stems from Dual Sword Mastery. in description of my one handed sword there is writen "(Dual Sword) for evasion" what does that mean ??? I wanted as many skill points as I could for tier 4 DW skills, as should you. (Credit Yuki), (If you're using this, one auto attack after every use. You can use combo (1) After using this combo to further boost AoE damage. This skill slashes the target with the swords and increases critical damage. And by playing Toram, I mean slaving away, every minute of my free time selling BNuts -- I mean NC -- I mean +S 2Slot +Infinity Statted Armors!!! Youre going to hit that combo, take your swords, and SHOVE THEM RIGHT UP VENEMA'S ----. Twin Slash - (MP Needed: 200) Dual Swords Only - The first skill on the first branch after Dual Sword Mastery. Faster & Stronger! Or repeat from auto Attack x 1 if you didn't lose your buff, and you're feeling like you're the queen of sarcasm and unintentional exoticness because of it. Because screw tier four blade skills that's why! Deskripsi: Menebas dengan 2 pedang. Wider combo moves with knuckle skills. You wanna know why people get shadowstep at level 10? Because you dont want to be the only badass walking around without a shining example of how much of your life this game has sucked away, embedded into your blade! •Pulse Blade is used outside of a combo •Pulse Blade is the last skill of the combo •The player is not inflicted with Ailment:[Slow] •The player is not inflicted with Ailment:[Stop] •Pulse Blade deals 3 instances of damage •The DEF of the target is increased depending on … Combo 2 or Combo 3. IF you think you out the awe in awesomrific, then go with Ultimate Machina, (Upgrade Pillar Golem), because obviously you dont need to boost that swords power. 2020-04-21 Toram Online - News. And if you're gonna compete, you're going to need briefs made from the steel of a fallen star and Shoulder Boulder Holders made from Athena! You know what's worse than being slow? ), If your enemy wants to be the annoying mosquito that they are, then slap that ass using this combo. ... - When set to manual, Evasion can be used even before combo ends. Cross Parry - (MP Needed: 100) Dual Swords Only - The first skill on the second branch after Dual Sword Mastery. Because the less time were spending trying to magically clean dirt off our noses, the more time we'll spend cleaning the blood and guts off our clothes. 1 Introduction 2 Lv1 Blade Skills 3 Lv2 Blade Skills 4 Lv3 Blade Skills 5 Lv4 Blade Skills Blade Skills are skills that can be used by the 1h/2h weapon class. The effect of flash blast physical proration is reduced by spinning slash. Weapon's refinement (I.E +C/+S etc), stability (I.E Phyto Blade 90% stability/Little Empress Sword 75% Stability) and element are the only stats/things that apply. And only sociopaths and murderers take more than 1 level in rampage, you which are neither. And to that I say, are you not intimidating enough? YOU'RE CRIT SUCKS! Build katana Toram Online | Hallo Gaes pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan berbagi bagaimana cara build karakter pengguna katana pada game Toram Online by UcingWewa, Game Toram online merupakan salah satu game RPG favorit saya, karena game ini bebas dalam memilih dan membuat sebuah karakter yang akan dimainkannya sesuai selera mereka. Listen here, you Finalle Loving piece of garbage. Type: active,skill fisik. Or (And?) Because seven in heaven literally translates to "Shut up and put 7 points into Impact you impregnable swine. Toram Online is ©Asobimo, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Lv4 skill tree, containing a variety of powerful skills, has been added to "Dual Sword" skill tree that is characterized by its stylish battle style. Blade Skills. Lots of reading ahead but I promise you it'll be informative and a quick refresher for new and old players! Replies: 5 Views: 267. That's right baby, you know the drill. Why? ________________________________________. I love that you spent 800k spina instead of 1 skill point. The original & largest Amino for Asobimo's MMORPG Toram Online players! Rizer phoenix ... Toram Online Forums. Well, guess again!! And you dont want your green weenie to big because it'll...well... if you dont get that reference it's ok. We're pulling out all the stops. Ok, I'll tell you again.
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