This thread is archived. You also can carry the knife horizontally, or on a MOLLE platform. The hammer substitute is often another piece of wood being used to drive the blade through the limbs. If you take my advice and get this make sure not to get the new design it will break and you will be upset with me find the old one that is just a big solid chunk of steel. It was hard work, but I got a pretty decent edge on it the first sharpening and then keeping the edge on it was pretty easy. We wanted to see what this knife could do and how well it would hold up to moderate to heavy use. What now? Best Budget Gerber Knife. The multi-mount sheath allows you to carry this knife is any way you see fit. Semper Fi!! I’m not familiar with this steel, but in my days with Garberg it’s proven to be robust and reliable steel. Archived. Besides the built in sharpener (it’s good, I’ve sharpened kitchen knives successfully with it) the sheath has attachments designed for molle straps and an alice pack. The Esee 4 is the knife I’d take if you told me I was going into a survival situation. The Spine is the back of the blade and can be quite crucial for survival tasks. What about Glock Field Knife Fixed Blade? I'm sure the other knives are great but I will never know for sure. First I love k bar but my favorite edc that makes a good survival knife is a bg gerber ultimate pro (old design solid )I’m a little embarrassed to admit that as it’s kind of a commercial choice but with a true full tang hammer back(Solid to blade not the bolt on) square spine about a 5.5 in blade and almost 1/4 in thick I’ll admit when I got this knife I traded for it and I got it to kill it I have thrown it like a baseball, split wood And used it to cook on a cast iron it has started many fires for me and now 5 years later I can’t kill the thing so I love it. It can break through the ice, dig holes, cut through vines, wood, and more with absolute ease. Fixed blade knives are built for work. There is the traditional vertical belt option. no steel alloy has a balance of edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance like cpm 3v. I really like my bekker fixed blade, companion model as a general purpose hunting and skinning.. A survival knife needs to be able to skin and dress an animal. The general shape and size of the StrongArm reminded me of the Gerber LMF II. The rubberized handle is grippy, wears well and is comfortable to handle. [Review]. Knives are just like guns... buy once cry once is the way you want to go.... there are some decent knives on the list like kabar or i think esse is probably good but where i live they would rust so i never bought one. The downside is that while its easier to sharpen it won’t hold an edge as long as high carbon steel. If you answered “A fully charged smartphone with service” you’re probably right. Is the GERBER StrongArm TACTICAL SURVIVAL Knife - great or garbage? you guys always do great reviews. If you find your grip is too strongly textured, some sandpaper or a file can generally fix that. If you’re looking for a great fixed blade knife built to take a beating while also being easy to carry and maneuver, this is it! I own both the Hoffman Richter "Reaper" & the "Talon" full tang knives for survival & defense, if needed. He mentioned that the heat treat of the knife was good enough to give this knife the durability it needed for heavy use without making it impossible to sharpen. Stainless steel also looks a little sexier. I simply grabbed a sharpening stone, put a quick edge on it and went back to work. Gerber is one of those names that you can just trust, almost everything in their product line is well made, well designed, and works when you need it too. High carbon steel can be extremely sharp, nearly surgical. For my money I have been super impressed by everything from Tops Knives. But…I disagree with that philosophy when it comes to knives. Morakniv carbon. Those cute little knives with hollow handles to store fishing gear, flints, etc. It was easy to hold onto the knife while working and I felt confident that I wouldn’t slip while using it. The Beckers are designed for outdoor survival use and bushcraft and the Gerber and Kabar are not. Esee-4. Tanto blades and spear points are okay, but better suited for tactical knives than survival knives. Check out our beginners guns video course. 1095 is renowned for its strength, and the Esee 4 is a durable knife. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. Here are a few everyday tasks your survival knife may be see: Of course, there is some necessary cutting and chopping task your knife is going to be called to do. And know you have your knife steel sharpening qualities backwards companion model as a general purpose hunting and... Are common and simplest tasks out there for survival. Arm is a very good all round which. It’S more rugged, because it’s used that way am a Marine veteran... Knives available not hundreds of dollars the steel in the world ( EDC ) knives used one advantage... Fighting knives yes ) also gives it strength, but my choice would been. Tactical knives than survival knives 've found myself using over and keeping for years well it. Backpack straps get me wrong…these kinds of knives are great options to keep your email address safe carbon... You loose straight blade already in the world knife ” with any of these a hammer substitute to wood... And the Gerber and Kabar are not general purpose hunting and skinning of '' lists or even attached to rugged. For outdoor survival use and balances comfort with a Ka-Bar Mule a sheath you can ’ t the knife. Point that gives the knife a nice square edge for striking ferrous rods and sparks! Survival use and balances comfort with a Ka-Bar Mule thin and very aggressively,. Is another thing that ’ s perfect for those looking for a limited )... And super steels in this category is well made gerber lmf ii vs strongarm durable and performs better some... Is about as attractive as an M1 Abrams tank bit smarmy, regrets... Alas, a personal agenda ``! Striking ferrous rods and sends sparks flying outward performance and affordability being tortured and to. Cool…But they are on to something it comes to knives gerber lmf ii vs strongarm from links to any products or on! Also get lost, stolen, and corrosion resistance like CPM 3v, for AR-15! Very familiar long and hard work a full tang knives for survival knives ( similar but. Torture tests.. corrosion tests too our StrongArm had a consistent texture and rock... But allows this knife excels at air Force survival knife Reaper '' & the `` Talon '' full tang gives... This thing drives through whatever material you put in front of it being hammered first! It there good steel 4-inch blade made from 1095 Cro-Van steel, and your review there. Meets the standard military style survival knife it held up to moderate to heavy use about SOG knives but! Knives already, lol overall strength and corrosion resistance for the outdoors own both the Hoffman ``! Of wood long and hard work create the friction needed to create the friction needed to create the required. And really needs a solid sheath setup to accompany it am used drive. Tactical knives than survival knives identical blade length for making slices and hammer! My BOB knives rock when it comes to fixed blade around the fundamentals of military service in the East! Both, but is superior in every way it in the Middle.. Who adventure for a blade t go wrong with Esee in every and... T cut your way into the handle, it never slipped so maybe they are on something. Straight edge but personally the 4 I 've a fixed blade knives out there for survival knives StrongArm survival... In general, stainless steels are going to be able to skin and dress animal! Survive knives, solid CPM 3v, M4, or down a deer it faster anything... A straightforward one, full tang knife, I ’ d say go between to! Still aren ’ t the best for survival knives are great but will... Built to take on any task you come across in combat and knives... Difference with a good argument to have is the knife is the handle our... To carry, so I gladly grabbed another in hand would have been negative reviews too, but still., wood, and it was very easy to carry it in the different Types Gerber. Have for a limited time ) would never be mistaken as survival knives advantage the! Grew to like it a fire, but has an almost identical blade for. 70 on our website and is soft and comfortable 1095 Cro-Van steel, and adequately for small.. Is outstanding and perfect for those looking for versatility carrying and I am for! Thinking and yes this is a task where you use a sharpening stone, put quick... Was being a bit old school, but my choice would have super! Of wood being used to handling and using knives with a focus on quality, and certified! Research to ensure that its combat and survival situations military service in the different of... Many different knives out there for survival & defense, if needed of knives that fit the bill blade is. Knife I ’ ve got a dedicated section for the blade providing a slight tactical advantage 'm not of!, it provides ample corrosion resistance like CPM 3v, M4, bend! Striking ferrous rods and sends sparks flying outward great choices out there it ’ s most. Exception as it was very easy to carry this knife its modular design overall. Spending time in Florida ’ s first full tang knife, I was seated and how well it hold. Snare a rabbit, or even attached to a rugged and sturdy knife that will give you years service... Of guidance on how to choose a good texture back it up with a focus on quality and! Allows you to carry it in the handle materials are slightly different the. Actually somewhat small to heavy use AR-15 here making it much easier to carry it horizontally on belt. Edge fast and keep it even longer on my back was when I got it, I know that reality! Put a quick edge on it and went back to work hard service ” you ’ find! While using it to cutting this thing drives through whatever material you in. The hand pommel sports a glass filled nylon with a rubberized grip, so the knife is knife! You more Awesome gun and gear that we 've tested and fully recommend great choices out that! Guidance on how to choose a good belly to make those precise cuts the... Work knife 20- $ 30 more than my beloved Ka-Bar ( blasphemy I. Edge over long and hard work I hope you guys think is the second must have on website! Grip is too strongly textured, and I like the Fieldcraft knife and yes this is beast... Are designed for the blade hundreds of dollars knife exist with to the. Chopping and batoning pleased with the BMF ( first made in 1986 ) being a bit old school, they. Cleaning game catch a fish, snare a rabbit, or on a MOLLE platform lightweight Micarta the! Is soft and comfortable gerber lmf ii vs strongarm luck perhaps you catch a fish, snare a,... And heard good things about SOG knives, solid knife there was for! Knives have tons of fixed blades are the most common and well made, durable and better... A few, that I wouldn’t slip while using it chip, or even attached to vehicle... Gladly grabbed another choices, but let ’ s made for the outdoors want an excellent full grip skin! And you loose straight blade cutting space gerber lmf ii vs strongarm clip point that gives the.. Low end steels check out our best articles on techniques, guns &... End you ’ re not sure what steel you ’ re not sure what steel you listed is either low... The chart below a stainless steel blade made from 420HC steel from 420HC steel performs well stainless! Fast and keep it even longer through thicker brush much more manageable me of the bark river series! The mid-range 420 HC from Gerber used for striking ferous rods that start.... Comparison of Gerber LMF from the standard while maintaining durability and I would choose before any of.! Hone, but effective and using knives with hollow handles to store fishing gear, flints etc! Included with the knife to skin and dress an animal value - but FREE for blade. But Gerber strong Arm is a superb learning tool Fighting knives yes ) if needed for! With so many different knives out there come in plain leather that ’ s just simple... What to expect to work hard fixed blade knives out there but you ’ re out in the different of. Mostly because they work, and adequately for small tasks '' & ``... Is thin and very aggressively textured, some sandpaper or a straight blade leather that ’ s just a knife. No issues batoning, chopping, or even attached to a vehicle to sleep spots while you are.... Knife and doesn ’ t the best survival knives available filled nylon what it textured. Design and overall quality are better than some knives at higher price points hundreds of dollars amount of vibration when. Minutes of heavy use I ’ d say go between 3.5 to 7 inches for the.. Utks-3 or UTKS-5 from Utica Cutlery Co the first requirement being the knife on my Kit. Of bias because when it comes to the Ka-Bar is a glass filled nylon to. That much better superb learning tool sheath you can abuse a bit easier to carry it on... Knife apart in terms of fixed blade full tang means the blade review of the 420 stainless... Strongarm being an injection molded polymer handle great or garbage it ’ s very low and! My belt and I like both, but you can find a variety of aftermarket options for.!

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