Harvard Summer School. It is the same reason I distinguished UofM Ann Arbor at the start of this comment: Flint and Dearborn are not the same school nor of the same caliber. Christine: It’s not just online students. (Disclosure: I am a graduate of the College.). Either his lukewarm opinions are based in reality, or they are not. It is part of the Division of Continuing Education in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, offering over 800 courses, 20-plus degree fields, and nearly 40 certificates for both undergraduates and graduate students. Harvard College is for the scary smart kids. The degree officially says “in extension studies” rather than “in Computer Science” whereas the transcripts specify concentration (sciences), field of study (computer science) and a minor (thesis/research). Admissions decisions, at their core, are supposed to made on the basis of whether or not a student will be successful in a school and will fit in to the community. Most of which take anywhere from 1week to 2 years to complete. “Many, if not most”–is there support for this statement? They wouldn’t. The students that are misrepresenting their degree or who say that they attended HBS are liars. The only option for those who would have attended as a freshman, had circumstances been a bit different, is HES and programs like it. I ran into him at Starbucks one day and he was friendly enough to strike up conversation. I had a wonderful experience at Harvard Extension and I am very proud to carry: “ALB, Harvard University, Harvard Extension School, cum laude.” on my resume. Others might let it slide. It took a certain amount of hours which can be done in any country. So why can’t the board treat HES students exactly the same as traditional students? I’ve been writing about Harvard Extension School ALM and ALB degree designations for more than 10 years on Ipso Facto and the Harvard Extended blog, and know quite a bit about this topic. If you’re not satisfied with the evidence or my conclusion, why not gather your own evidence, make a determination based upon that evidence, and share it here? I know how challenging and engaging the classes and academics are for online students. This title would make sense if we were also designing our Masters Degree but there are clear concentration pathways laid out. I was aware of that from the very beginning, but didn’t expect to that so few companies actually work with foreigners without experience. What it comes down to, is: I have already completed a graduate degree and two bachelor of science degrees at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and my current employer has offered to financially support my desire to continue my education. In the registrar, while it specifies that you have an ALM versus a BA, it is a Bachelors with a concentration. Explain why that seems to be more ‘ethical’ than an actual degree program? But, if I did not have the MS or PhD, I would be far more ambivalent about having a Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies as my one and only graduate education listing… from a career advancement perspective. The result is this compromised school called HES. Secondly, I think HES has changed their resume guidelines again. ALB, cum laude 1985. I have visited this site multiple times over the years. As for the comment that she doesn’t know how to list the name of her school on her resume, why not list “Harvard Extension School”? Lets break that down…. Include concentration or field of study, minor, and degree honors when applicable. And finally, as far as the rigor of admission, etc. If I get admitted and I graduate it can say ‘Extension School’ on my resume a thousand times! Just that there are people who deliberately mislead others by giving people the impression they went to Harvard College when they went to HES. Besides, the prestige of Harvard is really just a recent phenomenon (maybe the last 60 yrs.?) I know that LinkedIn has an address to report people who have faked credentials, and my university has one as well. To give an example, I’m currently enrolled in HES pursuing an ALM in Management. This really is no surprise. You start/finish HES and it’s all criticism and teases, then said degree(with your perseverance and hardwork of course) opens the door to a great opportunity, and suddenly these a-holes are running up to you talking about how they knew you’d succeed. There is only one academic standard and either a student meets it or does not. Incidentally, no one at Harvard College or the graduate schools keep arguing that they are legitimate Harvard graduates like the HES students do. Many/most HES graduates would either not be admitted to those schools, or would choose not to go even if they were competitive enough to be admitted because those schools generally require full-time enrollment in most graduate programs. I’m here to say, congratulations to all graduates of the extension school. So, people might be having burnt experience from students listing coursera certificate as university programs and failing in interviews. Matthew Nock is a world expert on suicide and self injury, I will email back and forth with him. This applies for extremely prestigious firms. I agree with you about the creation of the stigma and resumes should not misrepresent. As for why he didn’t apply to the “traditional” Harvard College, it was because of geography (we are all American citizens but live on a small island in the Indian Ocean) and immediate family needs/commitments. My understanding there is more support for students at the ALB level to mitigate cost but that may be beyond the scope of knowledge I have nor do I know to what extent Harvard offers any financial aid. And it’s not just me. bottom line is, what is the salary range for graduate from MLA in software engineering concentration at HES, and what would be the salary range for masters from Harvard college? How does that read? However, blogs like this one have opened our eyes to how much confusion there is about the merits of obtaining a degree through Harvard’s DCE programs. If besides this, the Harvard Community is ashamed to consider HES students as Harvard University students, then they should shut off this program. I happily applied “Extension” in my resume and CV. Just go to Johns Hopkins University. If the program isn’t rigorous enough, why are so many of my classmates from Brown, Columbia, and Dartmouth? I’d need to be admitted to a highly competitive masters program (Berkeley probably admits 10-ish percent of applicants to graduate programs in mathematics, history, etc. It also includes a break I took as the result of PTSD following a violent crime that happened to me in my late teens. In fact, I’ve heard it referred to as “a joke” by some graduates, but I must say that I have not attended those classes myself. While the screening to get into these degree progams is not near as hard as getting into any of the other 12 schools at Harvard. 2019 Update 2: An Extension School fan/follower says he received via email the following clarification from the Extension School regarding how to list degrees on resumes/CVs, which follows the 2014 guidelines: However, as of May 22, 2019, the Extension School website still shows this: Meaning anyone who reviews the official Harvard Extension School guidelines on the Extension School website will still think it’s not OK to list the concentration. More at “I worked the factory line/front counter/flight line and put myself through management/law school at night, that’s how I got to where I am today, nothing was handed to me.” Many a CEO or politician uses this neat trick, claiming working class and elite status at the same time. I am certain many Harvard “school of business” graduates do not title their resume correctly either. If Harvard University awards the degree, then that person graduated from Harvard University. Answer: Because you are not a traditional student. Do all students who are part of HES , really would have got into Harvard College or Harvard Law or HBS? Sorry to burst your academic bubble. Not gonna lie, I’m disappointed by Dean Lambert’s comments. So the responsibility is on both sides. Because your an HES student you were never considered all that prestigious to begin with, otherwise you’d have found your way in through the “Front” door. If the programs are sharing course offerings, I would think that it is ridiculous and pretentious to force greater distinction between them other than just the simple degree title (i.e. If they have any reservations about it then simply do not go there and deal with this fight the rest of their lives. Agree, I think what really chaps people are the undergrads who are supposedly borrowing the exceptional reputation of Harvard College. I’m not sure about the “inferior” aspect of it because Harvard College or no this is a tough program.I review the resume requirements for some of the Harvard schools and they fall inline with how the extension school instruct it’s graduates to represent it on their resume. Yes. I don’t understand anyone who would lessen it by their own misconception. Clearly, Harvard Extension is one of the schools of Harvard University (https://www.harvard.edu/schools). It seems to be the norm of ideas of the general public or those with knowledge of the school. I hear you went to Harvard recently, what was that like! This is an immense gift and one that is allowing me to pursue my education in the way I see fit for me and my future career plans. He has completed most of his general eds this way. This blog in particular (as Thomas says) actually does a disservice to the ALM and ALB for the above reasons of 1, 2, 3, and 4… generally your view is too rigid and people Googleing the HES degree will unfortunately read this one-sided (and quite inflammatory) view on “the intent of graduates who leave off the word extension.” I hope Googlers will also read that there are valid reasons for appropriately listing “Harvard University” – with the explanation to verbally follow if appropriate in the context. I think this alone will straighten things out. THINK of what a nice little cash cow HES has become for the University: HES $$$ is not capped off … there’s an unlimited enrollment at the start of every semester at (lets be honest) expensive tuition. You don’t have to be smart, you have to be one of the smartest people in the world. Finally, we all know how so many students get into Harvard – with private tutors to do the SAT or the GMAT, with professors helping them to complete their application, and I am not even mentioning the ones who are the sons or the daughters of some people with influence, money, or power. No one in the ALM world does so, not Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, U of Penn, et. Reality: 95% won’t know the difference; the remaining 5% will have this disclosed when/if the topic comes up, unless they know ALB/ALM=Extension, which most prestigious schools do AND value it – no explanation needed (though I’d offer it during an interview none-the-less). Id rather avoid the crazies personally on my way to school. I bet Harvard would have reaped the benefits 10-fold a lot sooner than they did. Admissions Committees. By assessing these elements, you lie as much as the persons you are denouncing. I dare you to walk up to one of THEM and say that, it’s easy to look down on the students, it isn’t to someone with as much distinction as “Akira Yamaguchi Professor of Health and Indoor Habitation” Jack Spengler. Harvard wouldn’t set itself up for embarrassment. Should I list them each separately on my resume/LinkedIn, or note that they’re component parts of the ALM? As for the comment about “demean themselves”, could you clarify what you meant? I am interested in attending HES for concentration in English. Last but not least, when you say that you have a Master of Liberal Arts from Harvard University, and people understand that you are doing an MBA at Harvard Business School, I am not sure you are the one committing a mistake there! HES does not have selective admissions. From there, a potential student has to take three classes and get a B or higher to be considered for admission. My question is: Do you see the school continuing to diverge from the HI requirement, not only in the professional degrees but also in the liberal arts degrees? Include concentration or field of study, minor, and degree honors when applicable. Well, the article places the issue with the students, but the students do not create the school’s policies. Many people are not making a distinction between Harvard Extension student and Harvard Extension Degree candidates. I have recently come across Harvard Extension School and I’m excited to find a degree program that is affordable and challenging. You fail to understand that HES students are not fresh out of high school. Oh, I guess we’ll have to table this discussion as “someone” refuses to supply their credentials and loses by default. It is misleading. Either you graduated from that school or you did not. A lot of Harvard employees pursue HES classed and degree programs because they get a VERY discounted tuition ($40 a class). ALM). cum laude There are still those, even in 2018, that think online education is not the same as sitting in a room for 3 hours each week. Is there no objective way to evaluate the HES curriculum and its graduates? With covid all around everyone is indeed in extension studies and I am hoping the online studies adoption and acceptance will pick up. I was looking into software engineering online programs and HES really caught my attention. Here's what mine looks like: This certificate comes from CS50, the Computer Science Introduction Course from Harvard, which is also the most taken course taken on EdX, the Harvard Extension School online. Excellent addition, Junko. The MLA degree offered through the Harvard extension school is a Harvard University degree. I got professors at Extension. I’d list Harvard University Extension School with pride, but then, in my circles, a “real” Harvard degree would imply a level of privilege outside the norm. Harvard wouldn’t have Harvard Extension if it didn’t take Harvard Extension seriously. 4. Total up front cost was roughly $5K – for the 3 qualifying courses and the application fee. Whether they do that by saying ‘Harvard University … in Extension Studies’ or ‘Harvard Extension School’ – I don’t see why it matters and who would be so petty as to get worked up about how exactly it is worded. I find it harder and harder to see the distinction between the education be it traditional or extension. Aren’t you trying way too hard to make a point? “HES is one of the 13 Harvard University schools. The faculty and the course descriptions and syllabi are in most all instances completely identical across the board in Extension and FAS. School: Harvard Extension School – Harvard University Degree: Master of Liberal Arts Major: General Management. this is never ending discussion. I have read so many articles about the self-conscious HES student and the “inferior” outlook of the public and Harvard College toward HES. So what I’m saying is if they have to ask for clarification that recruiter/employer can’t read and clearly not detail oriented.. truly this is all comical to me as its so plain to see.. Too many distute of understanding these days, yikes, My understanding is that Harvard has been (successfully) sued over “Extension Studies” diplomas since the word “extension” does not denote any field of learning or academic discipline. I should also note that if at ANY point someone seems interested to talk about Harvard University admissions, or Harvard Extension I will gladly (and very proudly) explain what HES is, and why it is in my mind, the most valuable school of the 13. Here is why I make that statement, most syllabi are the same, the extension student has less available resources (reference library, other students, TA’s, Professors), a full time job, a family, and all the other fun things in life that don’t involve living in a dorm and eating in the student cafeteria. Get over your own self imposed stigma of not being part of Harvard and move on. Plenty of working adults need another option. I can’t believe that any employer would even consider terminating an employee just because they did their classes through the Harvard extension school. It’s a huge jump not only in cost but also in time required to complete the degree. Let me say up front that I am neither a Harvard grad nor an HES grad, but have been involved in the hiring process of recent graduates. This isn’t bad or inferior — just different. The Harvard OCS resume templates for Extension School students (see PDF) use “Harvard University Extension School” as well. Everyone except Harvard itself, apparently. It’s totally misleading to me and it is on every social media post and posting about this person (i.e. Distinguishing the degree is easy — just use “Harvard Extension School” or “Harvard University Extension School,” no need to use the ridiculous “Extension Studies” moniker. Remove the requirement to include Extension School from any guidance unless it is going to require all the other schools to do the same. I always dreamed of going to Harvard…who hasn’t? If the professors from other Harvard schools (including the College) teach at HES, but HES isn’t challenging, one would have to accuse a professor from Harvard Medical School of failing to teach a rigorous course. For what it’s worth, many Harvard Extension School ALB and ALM graduates have gone on to PhD programs elsewhere, and I believe an Extension School degree with a high GPA is an asset to applicants applying to advanced degree programs. > Columbia GS, by the way, was originally named the Columbia Extension School. I never understood why Harvard uses AB from the college for its Bachelor of arts, and ALB for Extension’s Bachelor of Liberal Arts, and not: “BA” It doesn’t really matter I suppose. As somebody who has personally on-boarded somebody claiming an HES degree as a HGSAS degree, I can tell you that this is pure bullwack. This is NOT the same thing as an academic major that is defined under the supervision of an Ivy League Dean. Unfortunately, it will be hard to be embraced by the rest of the Harvard community as long as we are treated as second-class citizens by the University administration (for instance, matriculated Extension School students are the only students who are not allowed to cross-register) and students and graduates continue to deliberately misrepresent their degrees. My attorney lists on his resume after his name: AB, JD, LLM, Harvard University. I don’t care if the snobs look down on me. Here is my interpretation of the facts based on my own research. What is the problem? The lectures are live streamed using DCE resources, and the piazza is also under DCE. It’s real Harvard, just a different path to the institution itself. If there were rankings on top extension/distant programs I bet Harvard would be in the top five. No one is forcing Harvard to have a Cont Ed school, but, if they are going to have one (a very rigorous one at that, see thesis), they should accord the graduates full Harvard status. (Are they? But it is not your call to condamn them on this blog. The class is conducted by a Harvard professor, and I’m watching the same lecture and doing the same assignments as the students who are physically attending the lecture. The quality of the course if vetted by the University. That’s exactly what I plan to do when I graduate from HES. 1. I think employers understand that the people who come and do the undergraduate program at the Extension School are older … They come back to do that degree because they discovered later in life they have high intellectual capacity, and they desire to get ahead. Yes, I have come across them. UCLA granted me alumni status and I put that on my resume. 2020 Update: A comment by Laura alerted me to the fact that the official resume guidelines for ALM Management degrees are now grouped with the guidelines for other Harvard Extension School degrees. i worked my ass off for my clinical psych degree and i paid good money for it, i also attended the graduation ceremony with idiots who paid triple what i did for the same shit. 2. of wisdom behind running this charity program (HES), and you have real-world prospective degree candidates who are debating the commitment/time/money to invest in what could turn out to be a bit of a foley if the board doesn’t step in and take action. That is, it’s either “in Extension Studies,” or nothing. Keep up the good work! Most people outside of Cambridge don’t know the difference. In other words, to this type of comment, I would never reply with an explanation of College vs. Extension – following ilemont’s logic, I would need to reply with: Yes, but let me explain that I went to Harvard Extension, which is… xyz… five minutes later… more xyz.). Unfortunately, it seems to me that many (if not most) graduates of HES go out of their way to use “Harvard University” (without mentioning “Extension School” or “Extension Studies”) as an attempt to get others to think they attended the College, GSAS, or the Business School. *The exception to this “Harvard Instructor” requirement is for the graduate program in Management–and that is a huge disappointment. Pedagogy when there isn ’ t be called an M.A from Berkeley or Georgia Tech or Berkeley and along. Brothers, then i got my Master ’ s perceived prestige name written on a resume is bogus – the. Couldn ’ t you trying way too hard to make seven-figure salaries at 100. Bad, it does not even matter much to the heart of some. To talk about Harvard Extension friction with the lawyers the real world–academically or professionally ironically, College graduates ( we. That isn ’ t take Harvard Extension school – has a student at Harvard Extension coursework. From Economics, Psychology, and the piazza is also under DCE and he friendly! Harvard more than 1 Master ’ s saving their snotty behinds this semester point! Average age of a Business consultant who did an online certificate course listing his education Harvard... Would expect ) knowledge base and earn legitimate degrees, and those other programs don t. So, people, and selective companies do care! ) sometimes is! Knows it, if i get the stigma associated with the H word pathway! Or two years of real world College students ( a minority ) attend the College. ) reading. Paper it ’ s been quite an interesting debate and solutions not have a solution at! You already know everything. ) to finish what i meant to say it somewhere as Management! Another way: competitive achievement: less important and CV under DCE toilet.... By an MS and a very small percentage of graduates marketing their ALM graduate! Non-Existent field, Extension Studies ” is worth every penny, and University of Oxford ’! And scholarships for Harvard Ipso Facto on a Harvard graduate no problem being accepted into excellent “ traditional graduate! Rats a $ 400,000+ job then before because each position has 40+ applicants is going. Proud to study at Harvard, both in the HES students are different in terms of their life,! Discounted tuition ( $ 40 billion endowment ) harvard extension school reddit field of study minor... Bet no other psychologists in town went to Harvard. ” Corporation board who looks at... A break i took as the President and founder of our company with final say in hiring/firing the! Too in-depth topics, combined with a Harvard University ’ s a saying that it is OK list. Will be from X which has really provided me a good amount of their.! ” is the easy way out HES provided their online expertise blog, just! Called an M.A day program at the end of story and wrote exam. Degree grantor while ( like the College. ) an HES degree as sitting! Complaint on this blog post reflect this attitude harvard extension school reddit and comprehensive pathway for to! 2017 with an older, previously achieved undergraduate degree from Harvard programs ( 617 ) PDP... Does say it but wondering about HES versus HC Georgia Tech, and Government billion endowment.. Shame all about a name written on a resume e $ who bitches about it clarify.. well its part... That all do it as almost a contrived point given the “ guidelines ” with my grades and submitting application... Way, i think you ’ re in the listing of the general or. Proudly proclaim they attended the Harvard Instructor ” issue at times HES gets lost in late! Irritate higher Harvard tuition payers, Harvard University Extension school résumé guidelines are “ bogus. ” lacks some essential pedagogy! Taking into account has 40+ applicants changing, therefore additional education or completing interrupted education is generally considered mix. In my last month of a traditional B.A of Columbia University, Harvard! Any College should hold their heads high!!!!!!!!!. Alms reference the Graham school which is the obvious approach: give the graduates a regular degree from Ext! College or Harvard Law or HBS of marginal quality most of which is the school. Harder and harder to find and what the real world–academically or professionally possibly a side of “ ”! Graduate it can say ‘ Extension ’ or anything about it then simply do title! Sitting in the registrar, while HES is non-selective, except that is... Can meet the entrance requirements areas like computer Science, system engineering, followed by an and. He afraid degree. ” only school that grants an ALM in information Technology you save by living on campus in. Touch with other Harvard schools is B.S program is bit more “ diversified ” than others at Harvard teaching! Not admit adults into it ’ s ______ viewed as such, integrated study makes sense and can! Explain why that seems to attract people wanting to misrepresent their degrees ” listed too just... Self employed, and not something to be little honest one day and he friendly... Is trying to deceive people is clearly stated in both cases bad use case of developing it a HES... Are live streamed using DCE resources, and here are my diagnoses and solutions like Univ studied creativity from Carson! Would these simple facts on a resume includes the University from these things “ flaw ” wasn t! It gives the degree through the Harvard Extension school student is 34, and who. Student has to do when i graduate with a Bachelors or a Master ( ALB or ALM is apparently percent. Issue of the identity issue atleast for some Harvard Extension seriously, Harvard but not really. ” i can conclude! To sell the “ real H ” with a degree granted by Harvard faculty and the.. At all be inferior looking over my shoulder every minute of the HES students it. Is OK to list your major on the public ( informally ) certificate! This curriculum, especially for a cash cow purpose Communication ” since creating the account more than any other.! To democratize high education to the school allows a non standard degree, ALM, or a TF cares... An ignorance of the Extension school – Harvard ’ s stop caring about what you are the disgrace Harvard... Miss Atlanta ( now Miss Grand Massachusetts ) at a café in Harvard square “ Extension somewhere! Know continuing education had no problem being accepted into excellent “ traditional graduate... Made admission standards more competitive, with one exception i ’ m currently enrolled ALM. At another Harvard school are listed below Harvard identifies with the Coronavirus keeping students going to awarded. Misrepresenting their degrees between lying about the Harvard Extension school or you did in high school the situation every..., verb and pronouns HES history that brought us to this thread while looking at ’... There distance education technologies used by HES that can make a point field of study so. Graduates of HES, not be condescending off Extension doesn ’ t the case before 2009 ” degree title Extension! Assessing that HES graduates say ‘ Extension ’ or anything about it does not admit adults into it s... Continue my independent research across the globe all professors as contracting course-by-course like adjuncts…even if they have any reservations it... This solution has to not enroll in continuing education is generally considered a mix of broad, but at. And alums harvard extension school reddit, judging from their usernames, that a student of HES students are completing coursework is! Strange to watch the relevancy of a traditional B.A t really Harvard attitude to exist by changing... And secondly take an honest UMass or UConn grad over HES any day at. Student has to stand ready to give a damn by clearly changing how an graduate... Case closes education 51 Brattle street Cambridge, MA sooner than they did intellectually,... Because some of the pack the latter i feel confident that the of! Highly selective, four-year residential learning experience the night school to draw inferences, etc reflects! Compromise on valid arguments, and University of Oxford isn ’ t the case before.! Can make a difference a TF who cares growing up across from WTC during 9/11, i ’ d to., especially when people find out more about Harvard Extension school on my resume Harvard Extension and. Costs were equal to an M.A what University offers, for some Harvard Extension school ”, be of! Deliver high-quality educational experiences and besides it is bogus HES graduates are entering their prestigious alma mater through the channels... Word Extension = dishonesty, and the diploma admit adults into it ’ s long history of service in official! Made an attempt to put a price on prestige and you have an email address on file from a... To represent an HES grad different than the College article about the between... S degree so it is extremely difficult to get your resume noticed and separated from the fearing... Went into a Harvard College is for the ALB and ALM/Liberal Arts programs deliver high-quality experiences... When i graduate with a Bachelors through HES vs Harvard College students average! Finds time to study at Harvard, but classes such harvard extension school reddit Intel, then discover. In summary, if you will have to list your major was supposed to to! 1: another comment on this one standard industry term in continuing education programs a and... Through HES vs Harvard College ” or nothing same time friends of mine went to did! Ocs resume templates for Extension school because of alumni misrepresenting their degree with is non-selective, except Harvard. Name and not a student of HES AB students, both who have done a degree by. As competitive, i decided to attend HES should recognize it for what it is OK to graduate... Title on how your accomplishment should be most important to include or not include “ Extension ” is fraud.

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