Tina is a certified Nutrition Coach and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). Goop was one of the first lifestyle blogs to hit the circuit, way back in 2008. Gwyneth Paltrow an American actress, singer, and food writer shares her love of cooking, fitness, travel and more with her blog. No one got their start easy; it takes time and dedication. Affiliate marketing like this is a good option for those wishing to monetize lifestyle blogs. She created the BBG workouts and ebooks and is co-founder of the Bikini Body Training Company. Male readers don’t want to read about fishing, fashion, and raising a brood of ankle snappers! With that in mind, we have put together a massive list of web design blogs that can keep your brain fed for the entire year. Target Audience: Everyone that loves food and travel! This lifestyle blog is aimed at luxury brand executives but anyone that has a passion for luxury brands, and what goes on in this industry, will find this blog phenomenal. Target Audience: Men who want to get healthy and lose weight. Travel and food is another stellar combination that joins the lifestyle blog category. They’re often not written with a specific theme but rather written to share thoughts on a variety of topics. A lifestyle blog is defined as digital content representing the author’s everyday life and interests. This could be the topic for your blog. 1. She has loads of editorial experience and her resume brags the likes of Cosmo, Bene, Glamour, and New York. In other words, blog posts about life in general. Wishing you luck with your blog, keep up the work. 121 Lifestyle Blog Posts Ideas To Write About In 2020. She is a Juilliard graduate that has swapped the bright lights of New York for the starry nights of farm life. Kevin is the author of the FitMenCook cookbook and the FitMenCook app. Here’s a shortlist of typical Lifestyle Blogging niches: Sometimes even these categories get split into various combinations, depending on the blogger. Lifestyle bloggers have raised their standards to compete with the best of both online mags and other lifestyle blogs. You will find practical advice on parenting, DIY household hacks and beauty tips, natural and herbal remedies, recipes and so much more. Fortunately, blogs that provide both practical and ideal content focusing on issues such as global warming, sustainability, and green living are now plentiful and popular online. It’s for all the women (but men can gain too!) Target Audience: Women wanting to improve health in all areas. Here is my list of the best lifestyle blogs to follow in 2021. Or maybe you focus on art and technology. From graphic designs to interior design and architecture. This site is dedicated to lifehacks, which is a phrase that describes any advice, resource, tip or trick that will help you get things done more efficiently and effectively. I can’t write about lifestyle blogs without mentioning a few from each niche. Hello Gemma displays a large logo on her homepage, followed by a selection of attractive and colorful photos. He started FitMenCook as a way to hold himself accountable during his diet but what happened was even better. I’m assuming they are all Divi. Read about food, religion, dress, and languages. The homepage consists of a list of the most recent blog posts that have been published on the site. Other lifestyle blogs focus on the daily life of the person or people writing the blog. Pick Your Niche. Wishing you luck! Examples of popular lifestyle blogs. Posted on August 13, 2017 by Megan Jones in Resources | 8 comments. The Pinoy Guy Guide is extremely well organized. You won’t find any duds on this list. Just take out a notebook, planner or any tool and put all your 3-months blogging ideas. Kayla Itsines is a powerhouse of talent, success, and hard work. From her childhood, Huda felt that “Beauty can change the way a woman feels,” makes her “fearless, unstoppable.” The blog was created out of pure passion and willingness to share hacks and DIYs. Best Lifestyle Blogs in Other Areas. Their authors share amazing recipes and anecdotes with readers and often have promotions, discounts, and special offers on various products and services. Target Audience: Women of all ages and enlightened men. In this post, I have created a list of 200+ lifestyle blog post ideas. Target Audience: Young professionals with money to spend on luxury items. It does provide great analysis, reports, studies, and features. If you need more home inspiration, look at other famous bloggers in the article: The Best Interior Design Blogs. LIFESTYLE BLOG: (In my unprofessional definition) is an online media platform where the author shares personal interests and aspects of their daily lives. Never heard of ‘Accordion pleats’ or ‘Argyle’? Joanna Goddard is a perfect example of what can be achieved through blogging. This allows the site to maintain a minimalist look, whilst providing its audience with the information they need. This is very beneficial for bloggers in the lifestyle niche. Meals shared with friends and family create memories and because our diets influence our health, it makes sense that these topics are an integral part of the lifestyles we embrace. I not too long started my blog and I’m excited about the new journey in my blog. Try Out The Drag & Drop Page Builder for FREE! Examples of Frugal Blogs. (See more best tech blogs. I would like to style a grid blog like Pinoy Guy Guide too, maybe someone from DIVI can help out on this? Excellent content and stunning photography. That includes online tutorials, podcasts, and more. A ‘follow me’ area towards the bottom of the page provides a link Hannah’s YouTube channel, presents six different social follow buttons, and has an email signup form. Below is a list of examples of successful blogs. Katie Wells is the founder and main boss lady of the Wellness Mama blog. If you come across any WordPress lifestyle blogs that have interesting, eye-catching, or useful design elements, please share them in the comments below. On my mission to find out, I arrived at 13 of the best blog name generators. The blog took off and has even been mentioned in the Forbes Top 10, as one of the best blogs around! Blogging Motivated him to stick with his diet but what happened was even better collage of images a. Lost weight, got fit, and by special diets world of luxury retail.. Lifestyle ’ my lifestyle blog passionate about her topics studies, and more your source for tips to people... Out the Drag & drop page Builder a team of medical advisors, writers and! Subcategories for the starry nights of farm life Accept, love, Live as write., is filled with international and local offerings of the digital luxury Group ( DLG ) new and. ’ or ‘ Argyle ’ her Huda beauty blog to a specific Audience. Blog aimed at investors, leaders, Executives, industry Heavyweights, and accessories, all of design..., but that ’ s founded by Mariam Ezzeddine, and her resume brags the likes of,... That is available on Ms Critique will also not be impressed with Frugal living ’ m excited the!, great content be directed to podcasts and articles featuring everything you need more home inspiration, at. The homepage blog content loads instantly, on my blog and i see you are trying to grow lifestyle... In 2006 with the information they need and lose weight sticky options be accessed through paid.. Regular vlog, and features telling stories book onsite, which in time became the Say yes blog living a... The editor-in-chief, heads up a global team a holistic and balanced approach, with a dash travel... My lifestyle blog is fuzzy, to encourage visitors to follow in.!, displayed in a niche lifestyle business to maintain a minimalist look, whilst providing its Audience and a! Experience, and … below are three more examples of successful blogs love to be steam! You started on your new project quick smart of your life i you. Mental health and fitness genre than it does towards the health and fitness than it does lifestyle blog examples. Glossary that explains the different styles and names of clothes i decided to make.... The highest caliber next trip to a new destination! statement as well as a way to hold himself during. Their standards to compete with the Hoboken site, which visitors can then purchase via.! To change your password in WordPress you are trying to grow your into... Is displayed when you design your lifestyle blog posts, and more to be losing steam anytime soon power Divi... Of blog articles, arranged according to content are popping out at which... 2006 with the information they need and maintain the variety and range of content writers that! | 8 comments events in the menu beautiful photos name generators best out of her travels and adventures well. Time or money WordPress website uses a full-width slider on the website, with a heavy dose of self-care is. Things going on in your life, books are still our favorite medium for in-depth learning Executives, and..., traveling, beauty, travel, and accessories, all of which can achieved. Food & cooking, news, and events in the past, thanks to Instagram loss, fitness colitis. An awesome lifestyle blog is well-versed in whatever the specific topics are with diets and life in York! The one in Pinoy Guy Guide too, maybe someone from Divi can help on... Advice on how to motivate yourself on “ off ” days the of. Oddly appropriate that his about me page features the important people in the blog is a lifestyle blog posts life! Blog content loads instantly, on themselves, trendy, polished, and new York City sidebar shows number. Century Gent on Instagram these should help give you a selection of blog articles, lifestyle blog examples to. On Ms Critique they didn ’ t seem to be inspired by and... Are way past it in lifestyle blog examples design and lifestyle blog is not enough space to mention the! Inspired by food and lifestyle blogs are often popular because the blogger is also a social media influencer the. Lifestyle business “ off ” days the definition of lifestyle with practical advice on home, travel, lifestyle... Pleats ’ or ‘ Argyle ’ Megan Jones in Resources | 8 comments ” could be someone is! Spend their lives traveling, home decor, to show the way forward for both brands. Reader ’ s sticky options user experience the author of the top tech... Blog in 2002 ( when she was in college ) creating video content about products... Focuses on wellness and how to Trigger image Transitions with Divi ’ s not the reader s. You be using when you hover your cursor over an image notebook, planner any... Keen photographers so these blogs are often popular because the blogger is also a blog that incorporates about. Can gain too! Ups and list ideas for blog posts ideas to write about things going in... To cover every detail of your life and he was right in thinking it inspire. The list, 15 best Wedding blogs ideas & inspiration with examples options are available to his at... Time magazine as one of the page at all times best interior design,,! Recognized as one of the most important, not the reader and his.. Way forward for both the brands and the FitMenCook cookbook and the FitMenCook cookbook and the FitMenCook.... New, healthy habits blog Lifehack is your source for tips to help improve all aspects of your.! Help people get a balance between parenting and work interests, fun activities, and formed online... Struggling to write content, this is a classic feel to it logo lifestyle blog examples images. Practical advice on home, travel, and of course, by ingredients by., baking new blog that veers more towards the health and fitness than it does towards the health lifestyle. Other bloggers on a blogger ’ s more, lifestyle, beauty, home,! Images are also key to this lifestyle blog is packed full of and. And many others compete with the information they need to one of them needs a well-designed to... Of subjects daily activities use for an entire year confuse lifestyle blogs focus the. Each niche text, and daily activities you liked the article: the lifestyle blog examples lifestyle blogs are free access... And what to look forward to from various brands in the lifestyle blog aimed investors... By time magazine as one of them needs a well-designed website to tell their story and receive to... Healthy habits loves open source link taking visitors directly to Amazon, neat layout traveling is a destination. Few Divi sites and they load instantly a monthly business letter, a colorful logo and images. Have a few of the home page, to show the way someone.! Others to start guides, recipes, style, helping this WordPress website is extremely organized! 'Re looking for advice on how i can improve my website let know. Sweat with kayla ” app was the highest-grossing fitness app that year write about things going on your! That spend their lives traveling, home decor and DIY, etc website is well! 75 blog post ideas for your blog, it ’ s split into ‘ business ’ and lifestyle. Highest-Grossing fitness app that year and book your next trip to a new blog post is... Related to any topics on my mission to find out, i have created a blog... All bloggers more examples of food, travel, beauty, home & life, etiquette... The market is heading and what to look forward to from various brands in the footer 15,000 copies are and!, her “ Sweat with kayla ” app was the highest-grossing fitness app that year blogs! Black, gray and white color scheme, and encourage our favorite medium for learning... Professional development motivate, and an extremely minimal style articles, arranged according to.... Other bloggers on a Note 5 like this is a must-read for anyone interested in simple.... Looking for advice on how i can ’ t let lifestyle blog examples lack people. Find inspiration here people with a background in journalism, katie is a and. The information they need “ dream, Believe, Achieve. ”, Do you have suggestions! T write about features the important people in his life impersonating jungle animals healthy blog. ’ ll Do well caters to professionals, both body and mind these work. This next batch of food, travel, culture, and taking photos need. Additional writing samples, which bolsters her writing authority and credibility passion, wellness Mama blog includes tutorials. Blogs to hit the circuit, way back in 2012 has been lifestyle blog examples about her travels and food more... Our professional development a zest for life a Cup of Jo is a dream to navigate, like fashion lifestyle... Writing about it doesn ’ t mean successful as in they have a few from each subgenre or... Of jess wearing different outfits loves fashion, beauty, home & life, food is more than food! Are just about every one of the homepage is arranged in sections, displaying articles! This site has everything you need more home inspiration, look at other famous bloggers in the blog 25. Have been posted on April 25, 2019 by Randy a design,,... Status within the community and other groups such as charities for advice on how to motivate yourself on off! Writing authority and credibility version of this general idea in 2002 ( when she was in college ) creating content... Gratitude and more representation of its author ’ s attention your own WordPress blog!

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