This thin space, usually one-thousandth of an inch on newer engines, holds a thin film of oil between the bearings and the moving surfaces on the crankshaft. Recycling_Related Links_Recycling basics links, Collector Best Management Practices: Universal Waste and Used Oil (WA-1736), Used Oil Management: Satisfying the Rebuttable Presumption (WA-1677), Used Oil Filters and Absorbents Landfill Ban (WA-1503), Vendor Checklist: selecting a used oil filter or absorbents recycler, Managing Automotive Engine Used Oil Filters (WA-1522), Wisconsin Recycling Markets Directory [exit DNR]. The engines are tightly enclosed and difficult to see from any angle. If the clearance is too much, say 0.004 of an inch or better, pressure starts falling in the upper end of the engine. Many people do not realize that most oil pumps are just a set of special gears, which take in the oil under low pressure and squeeze the oil to a high pressure, where it then passes through a chamber with a spring-loaded valve. … Some companies that supply clean absorbents will accept those absorbents after they have been used. Instead, return the motor oil or transmission fluid to a service station, who can take it off your hand and properly dispose of it. If your car has pushrods rather than an overhead camshaft, then oil is forced under pressure into the valve lifters. First, the oil you pour in the top of the engine goes through many paths eventually arriving in the bottom oil pan, often called the sump, where the drain plug is located. It requires less energy to make a gallon of re-refined oil than crude oil, and a gallon of used oil offers 2.5 quarts of lubricating oil, equal to 42 gallons of crude oil. Figure 1 shows a tube with a loose-weave metal screen at the bottom of the pan. Sand will effectively "sand blast" the inside of the engine scoring the cylinder liners which can lead to the engine burning oil. Waste oil has been drained so that no visible signs of free-flowing oil remain in or on the oil absorbent materials. When in doubt, ask! In some areas, there may also be recycling options for oil absorbents, especially in large quantities. Potential environmental impacts of motor oil, antifreeze, parts cleaners, lubricants, waxes, transmission fluids and other automotive products depend on the ingredients in the products you are using. In my opinion as a lifelong auto mechanic, those engines that consumed a little oil by allowing it to pass around the rings, kept wear on the upper cylinder and rings to a minimum. Wisconsinites throw away an estimated 187,000 gallons of oil in used oil filters and 1.6 million gallons of oil in oil absorbents. However, if a household waste is managed separately by a non-household member, such as at a municipal collection site, this exemption no longer applies. Put your gloves on if you want to keep your hands from getting dirty. Because used oil is easily recyclable, it is illegal to dispose of used oil in a licensed landfill or incinerate it without energy recovery (s. 287.07 (1m), Wis. Sugar in not sure about but guess as one of the other answerers said it would melt and gunk up everything. The clearances between the crankshaft journals and main bearings are tighter, for one. shanna_lea. Low oil pressure can result in not enough oil inside the piston to keep the bearings of the piston head lubricated. One of the most common questions I get is: To answer that question, I would use the Socratic method and ask a few questions of my own: What kind of car do you drive? Many types of leaks can be fixed for less than $100. The oil goes through several different paths returning to the bottom - but only one path, under pressure, to do its job. However, we have got you covered. One of our readers wrote asking three distinct questions about his car and its recently changed oil consumption. Having motor oil stains on your carpet can be annoying, especially when you have kids and keep pets in your home. Also avoid storing used engine oil in containers that once housed other fluids. Earth 911 – One of the largest recycling databases for waste-recycling facilities. The first and most important job of motor oil is to lubricate the rotating components of an engine, and it must be under a good pressure to do its job. Which of the following is connected to the piston with the connecting rod? Normal consumption is a subjective call; I made mine at one quart per 5,000 miles. Homeowners should check with their local recycling program, public works or public health departments to find out about local restrictions. Why do I prefer a little oil consumption? It is important to note that some of the oil is forced out of the sides of the bearings and drips back into the sump. Generally they turn at lower rpm (speed) than gasoline car motors. hbspt.cta.load(3951034, 'c99217f3-09e7-4751-bc3a-7739dac44a0e', {}); Lubrication Tactics to Extend Diesel Engine Life, 5 Storage and Handling Tips for Automotive Lubricants, How Wear Affects Your Vehicle's Oil Change Frequency, Benefits of Using Zinc Additives in Engine Oils, Product Unboxing: Hy-Pro Compact Offline Filter, Product Unboxing - Vaisala Indigo520 Transmitter & MMP8 Probe, Product Unboxing - Vaisala MM70 Meter & MMT162 Transmitter, How to Cost Justify a Lubrication Program, Keeping your Lubrication Program in the Crosshairs. The oil absorbent materials are not hazardous waste, as defined in, Recycle: Many businesses that perform oil changes or sell oil and oil filters will accept used filters from do-it-yourselfers. Some areas that get affected the most are valve seals, piston rings, rod bearing connections, and crankshaft. Recycle if possible. Most of the newer cars will not consume any oil the first few oil changes. Where do you live? Get your phone book, call around, it is a good idea in case the ones that do take used oil have full recycle drums. How old is your car? People often face problem in discarding these empty motor oil containers.

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